Execute-Process issue

Before I look at submitting this as a bug, I’d check and see if it’s user error.

Execute-Process -Path “Setup.exe” -Parameters “-silent $dirFiles\CTMEMGUI_V8_INSTALL.xml”

works fine in version 3.6.0, but when I do it in 3.6.8 it fails:

<code>[02-26-2016 14:56:00.383] [Pre-Installation] [Execute-Process] :: Standard error output from the process: Usage: &lt;setup-program&gt; [-silent &lt;automated-install-xml-parameter
s-file&gt;] | [-console]

[02-26-2016 14:56:00.405] [Pre-Installation] [Execute-Process] :: Execution failed with exit code [1].</code>

So what changed, and is there something I can change in my script to make it work? Or should I just deploy this particular app with toolkit 3.6.0 and not worry about it? Is this a bug that I should submit?


What if you add a tick and quote mark to the beginning and end of $dirFiles\CTMEMGUI_V8_INSTALL.xml

Yup. The backticks did the trick. Thanks :slight_smile: