Install/execute a .bat File with AppToolkit

Hello Guys

Iam struggeling to install a simple .bat File with the Toolkit.
.exe/.msi etc is never a problem but .bat i have no succes so far, it also display me no error or something else it just happen nothing… the .bat is from Salesforce Dataloader and provide just this install.bat

i tried already following:
Execute-Process -Path “$dirfiles\install.bat” or Execute-ProcessAsUser -Path “$dirfiles\install.bat” -RunLevel LastPrivilege or simple just: Execute-Process -Path “install.bat” (witch work without problems for .exe)

Just for information, the .bat file should not execute silently, the user has to provide some information like Install Folder, Desktop Shortcut yes or no etc…

Does someone can help me out?


You can try using the function Execute-ProcessAsUser instead. It could work if the batch file is designed to be executed by a user.