Need Help with Custom Parameters

Howdy all,

I’m struggling here. I have an EXE that has custom parameters associated with it but I can’t get it to install using the toolkit. Here are the parameters below. This works if I run it from a command line but not using PowerShell. What am I doing wrong here?

/s /v" /qn+ ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 ALLUSERS=1 SILENT_INSTALL=1 /l*v "c:\temp\""

[Edited to add ``` before and after code]

look here: InstallSheild Setup - How to install, uninstall, and log silently

and try again

Getting the below error.

Hi as @That-Annoying-Guy mentioned you should have a look at the InstallSheild Setup instructions

The issue you are seeing is most likely because you are not escaping the double quotes around the log file path plus you need to supply the name of the file you would like to write the log information to.

You have this

/s /v" /qn+ ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 ALLUSERS=1 SILENT_INSTALL=1 /l*v "c:\temp\""

I’d give this a try (Note the escaped quotes around the path to the Log location (and the made up log file name)

/s /v" /qn+ ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 ALLUSERS=1 SILENT_INSTALL=1 /l*v `"c:\temp\logfilename.log`""
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