Elementary question re: pathing/$dirFiles/$dirSupportFiles not resolving

(Newbie here) So I’m just testing out this toolkit with a multiple part install. There are two prereqs (in the preinstallation section), the main install (in the installation section), and one update (in the post installation section.

If I put everything in the files directory, the execute-msi and execute-process work great. But if I have them either in supportfiles or in a subfolder in files, I get errors saying it cannot file the file
Execute-MSI -Action ‘Install’ -Path ‘SQL_AS_AMO.msi’
Execute-Process -Path ‘$dirSupportFiles\ReportViewer.exe’ -Parameters ‘/q’

I can’t seem to get the $dirSupportFiles variable to work in the -path

Any thoughts?

Never mind, I figured it out.

Execute-Process -Path ‘$dirSupportFiles\ReportViewer.exe’ -Parameters ‘/q’

should be double quotes
Execute-Process -Path “$dirSupportFiles\ReportViewer.exe” -Parameters ‘/q’