Deploying Win10 1607 upgrade wtih CM Task Sequence using PADT

Has anyone successfully deployed Windows 10 1607 upgrade with SCCM Task Sequence with using PADT? If so, if you could share this that would be great!

Not sure why you would want to do that with PowerShell application deployment Toolkit? All that’s required in sccm is a upgrade image and a upgrade task sequence.

Care to elaborate?

I would like to do the same. I wan’t to make the deployment available, in this case the task sequence is alway proposed to the client. So I would like to deploy it and make a detection of the version of the os. I would like to use padt to ask the user if it is a good time to do the upgrade, and it could take 1 hour to do it. In this case I will have two button and one to defer the task sequence.

Is it complicated to do it?


this link gives some of the steps to create an application that calls an upgrade TS, but for me it does not seem to work as the application always fails with error 0xEA68(60008).

Did someone get to make it work properly?