2 erro7s on deployment 60008 and just stops early in the log

Win10 pc’s (Enterprise) PSADT 3.84 No UI

im doing a large deployment thousands are good and maybe 300 in sccm show error
the 2 errors I see are a 60008 and on here that seems mostly UI related and -utf8

this package is minimal, no UI and main.ps1 has the utf8 switch

the other pcs start to run and I only get to the hardwaare platforn line in the log about 15-20 line from top then nothing more. On pcs that work the next 3 line are the powershell host, version and clr but they never show.

Any thoughts?


Just a few thoughts:

Powershell - Are the machines running the same version(s) of Powershell?
Execution Policy - Is it different on the failing machines (e.g. different GPOs being applied?)?
Language settings - are the machine language settings different?

Others have had similar issues in the past but with earlier versions of PSADT - the issues Ive read of also encountering this issue were either fixed in v3.8.3 (so should already be fixed in your version) or it could an encoding issue of your script.
I would suggest you have a read of this - as it might give you some clues as to the cause:

and this sub-linked item:

Let us know how you get on

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