example for PSADK in OSD


i love PSADK as a wrapper, thanks for your work guys i really appreciate having our packaging standardized

when we started using these packages with PSADK in OSD nothing happens
we are assigning Roles via MDT to machines managed with SCCM
all works great - applications get assigned and all but they dont seem to work

before i dig into the logs, quick question what am i missing here?
is it the deploymeode noninteractive?
how you guys handle that?

thanks, pe


We are using psadtk on all package. How are you deployinh it? What commandline? What do you mean by they don’t seem to work? Package or Applications model?

sorry i should have made that clearer, rereading my post

deploying via the deploy-application.exe with the install parameter (like in the doc adobe reader example)

we use sccm/application model

installing via tasksequence doesnt seem todo anything - its calling it fine but no powershell.exe in taskmanager and basically nothing is installed

using SCCM version 1610 with Win10 1607

installing via Deploy-Application.exe Install -DeployMode NonInteractive seems todo the trick, it installs as it should

are you guys doing different deployment types to have installs from the softwarecenter interactive and from TS noninteractive maybe. thats what i want to know.



Did you put some write-log in your application to diagnose what is happening.
I am always deplying with install interactive with no problem on Windows 8.1.

Probably some write-log put on strategic place would reveal you what is happening.