Deploy-Application.exe Unknown Error (0xffffffff) as a non-admin user

Hi all,

I am having a problem running Deploy-Application.exe as a non-admin user
Even just running default script template with nothing I have added I get the same problem.

  • A ‘non-admin’ user runs ‘Deploy-Application.ps1’ it works OK.
  • An ‘admin’ user runs ‘Deploy-Application.exe’ it works OK
  • But when 'an non-admin user runs ‘Deploy-Application.exe’ …
    Window pops ‘Deploy Application’ with message ‘Unknown Error (0xffffffff)’

Seems strange, the ps1 runs OK but the .exe throws this error if a non-admin user.
To troubleshoot, I have.

  • Set the execution policy to bypass
  • Removed all antivirus protection from the machine
  • Permissions on the folder appear to be fine in all ways
  • Configured AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml with <Toolkit_RequireAdmin>False</Toolkit_RequireAdmin>

Ultimately the package would be deployed through sccm to run in the user context.
Been using PSADTK for the past few months, loving it, I hope this is a simple newbie problem.