Deploy-Application.exe errors without a named .ps1

Executing Deploy-Application by itself generates the error

Happens even if launching directly from the extract files from zip

This is version 3.9.0

Iā€™m assuming you are launching Deploy-Application.exe.

I do not get this error when I launch it.

Yes, freshly downloaded. If I do put the name of the script in the command, I still get the error.

you do not need to specify the script in the command line. All you need is:
Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType 'Uninstall' -DeployMode 'Silent'

In fact using the EXE is optional. In a powershell console you can also launch it like this:
Deploy-Application.ps1 -DeploymentType 'Uninstall' -DeployMode 'Silent'

This is all explained around page 26 or so in the PDF.

yes, I am aware of the command lines. Re-downloaded the .zip and all is good. Thank you

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