Confused about SCCM deployments

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Could someone explain what triggers the the toolikit to run outside of the install button being clicked in SCCM?

For example you create a required deployment with a 24hr window between the availability and the deadine. the toolkit is configured with 2 deferrals spaced eight hours apart.

How does it start the process of notifying the user without user interaction in software center?

(i’m using application as opposed to package if this makes a difference

Thanks !!

While I have not used this feature, I do know it creates a scheduled task to retry the installation.

There’s a blurb about this in the PDF from the download. In addition to making it available/deadline, you create a scheduled mandatory assignment, with a timeframe of how often you want the user to be prompted between the deferrals.

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My understanding of using the “Defer” button and SCCM is this (and I should add, I wasn’t aware PSADT could create a schedule but I’m happy to learn about this!). The following is with app-upgrades in mind, and we make use of SCCM’s ‘Supersede’ facility. Offering “Defer” to the user, we don’t really need to make it “available for XX days first”, just let it start and let the user press “Defer” if they want to. However, we tend to use “AllowDeferCloseApps”, so if the app isn’t running, it’s just going to start! I could use SCCM’s “show all notifications” option, and that combined with an “available period” might be something to consider.

SCCM ‘Application’ deployments are (re)evaluated every 7 days by default. This is a value you can change in your SCCM Client policy. If our users press “Defer”, I do not expect the user to see any PSADT notification again until the SCCM Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle runs and starts the application install again. It could be tomorrow, or 3 days from that time for example, as this differs for every client. I tend to use “DeferDays = 7”, rather than ‘DeferTimes’. Should the user “defer”, then they can defer as many times as they like until that 7 days have passed. Realistically they’ll only get 1 more opportunity to Defer if they do nothing. A week or so is plenty of notice for them! Once the defer period is up, next time it runs the install will start. Will still use “closeapp” and usually 90 mins countdown if the app is running.

I’ve seen some registry keys and values created when a user presses “Defer”. As I said, I’m not aware of PSADT creating scheduled tasks to start the deployment again, but that DOES make sense if it does, as not everyone uses SCCM :slight_smile:

As you are using the app model, it then comes down to your Software Deployment evaluation cycle that is configured in the MEMCM Client Settings (default is once a day).

I.e., your deadline is 12 PM, user clicks “Defer” when the install appears, the next time the user will see the deployment pop-up again is 12 PM the next day.

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