Defer Windows schedule

Hello everyone
how are you ?

i found PSADT a few weeks ago and i could do some awesome things, so many thank for this great tool .

that said, here is my question:
i’m looking for a function that creates a schedule after the “defer” button is pressed.
i’m using PSADT as an SCCM deployment to upgrade windows but when the user defers the pop up, i don’t really know when it will start again. In SCCM, i had a “fast retry” but the deployment starts again 5 minutes after the deferral. I’d wanted to make the deferral last approximately 3 hours.

i found a script in this forums but i was unable to execute it. Maybe i missed something

is there a function built in PSADT that creates a schedul or something like it that i can configure easily for my needs ?

thank you very much for your answer

Fast retry is handled by SCCM not the toolkit. The toolkit only keeps the counter going.

Yes, i know that but i disabled it because it was to fast .

what is the function of the toolkit to keep the counter going ? so i can configure the time i need .


The toolkit cant start itself. It has no control over the time period. That’s what I’m trying to say.

so how can i control the time before the toolkit launches again after the defer button is pressed ?

i was thinking of something like adding a command inside the section “pre-installation” in the “Deploy-application.ps1” file that creates a windows scheduler task but i don’t think that will work (i tried with a simple command but it’s not working).

thank you for your help

If you set up a task, the toolkit will be run twice. Once by software center and once by task scheduler. You could put an arbitrary sleeping time there but that could confuse the user as it would still show it as being installed, after they chose to defer.

Again, the toolkit is being started by software center-SCCM agent so SCCM decides when to retry the installation.


In SCCM, do you know how i can control the time before it retries then ?
i could do it with packages but i don’t see how to do it with applications.
and when i configure the toolkit as a package, it doesn’t appear in the software center on the clients (is this normal ? )