Question about deferral

Question: what interval is used to determine when the user should be prompted to install an update via PSAppDeploy after they have deferred once? I am using defertimes 3, but after the first defer it doesnt seem to try again. Just wondering what it is using for that. Is it an sccm client setting? Or something within the toolkit?


It add a registry key\value that keeps track of how many times it has run. Nothing to do with SCCM. So in your case, if you have deferred the install 1 time. The next time you run the ps1 it should allow 2 more deferrals. I typically use this in conjunction with the application model. See “Important Note regarding deferrals” in the documentation.

To follow up on Andy’s OP… when does it know to try again? Does it try again the next day at some point? Or is there something to trigger it to try again?

I’m glad Andy asked this because we just had this topic come up at work where we want to standardize some software (all would be great but some are more critical) where we want to give people an option to defer it so many times and perhaps set a deadline to install it. That way it pops up at them letting them know… hey you have to install this by X date but you can defer it for now if it’s not a good time.

It’d be nice to know if they defer it when the next time it’ll prompt them to install it if the deployment is required.

Thanks in advance for any insight on this one!

If you deploy it as an Application with SCCM it will try again next time the CM Client on the computer runs the Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle. The default is every 7 days.
The scenario you describe can be don with no problem, I do it that way.

SCCM by default it should re-run after 7 days. you can also set you’re deployment scheduling or you can use the toolkit extension made by dersonc

if you are using Application this extension will create a scheduled task on local machine and will trigger Application Evaluation Cycle in the specified amount of time.

Whenever I use a SCCM package with deferrals (interaction with user) I do the following:

Program Environment
Program can run: Only when a user is logged on
Run with administrative rights
Allow users to interact with this program = Yes

Scheduling for the deployment of the program
Occurs every 1 days effective <startdate and starttime>
Rerun behavior: Rerun if failed previous attempt

This will mean that the package will rerun the next day if the user has deferred the install, counting down the defertimes aswell.