Automatic uninstalling msi files

Hello to all,

I would be glad if you can explain a certain behavior.
I installed an application that includes:
exe file
msi file.
both files located under files folder.
Till here all OK.

When I tried to uninstall the application I had some problems.
In order to troubleshoot the problem I remarked the MSI uninstall command.
When I run the uninstall command again I discovered that, the PowerShell file still uninstall the MSI.
Only when I moved the MSI file to another folder, he stopped trying to uninstall it.

Is there a way to stop the “Automatic uninstallation”?

Thank you very much
Amir :slight_smile:

You would need to paste your Deploy-Application.ps1 script here for us to understand what is likely to be the issue

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Hi amiros,

I think you are seeing the effects of the “## Handle Zero-Config MSI Uninstallations” part of the script.

Basically if you don’t configure the variables $appName & $appVersion in the beginning of the Deploy-Application.ps1 script and you also have a MSI file in the Files folder PSADT will execute the “Zero-Config” parts of the script. If you are lazy you might find this funtionality useful but I would advise against it. Just make sure you always configure the “app*” variables in the beginning of the script and the “Zero-Config” parts are never used.