Add-appxpackage under installation

I am new to the toolkit but am loving it thus far. I need to install an audio driver on a bunch of laptops that I’ve only found in .Appxbundle form. I am testing installing it with the toolkit with Add-appxpackage -Path “xx” under the installation section. I have ran the .exe and nothing happens. I checked the log for it and it shows nothing under installation, almost like it doesn’t recognize it. I realize that Add-appxpackage is not listed in the help file but I assumed that it would still work since it is still just a powershell script. Will this work? Any help would be appreciated.

run the deploy-application.ps1 directly to test. It should output everything including syntax issues in the event of a typo or unrecognized command.

So when I just run the .ps1 or the .exe manually everything works fine. When I try to deploy as an application through SCCM using deploy-application.exe as the installation program it does not perform the add-appxpackage line under installation. It does however copy the file during my pre installation section. Again, checking the log in the windows/logs/software folder doesn’t show anything happening at all during the installation phase.

SCCM runs the application under SYSTEM account not the user’s account. So you’re adding that package to the system account.