Using extra Parameter "Config File" for pulse installation

Hello, can somebody help me please.
I am trying to install the Pulse VPN Client via PSADT.
After the MSI installation i am trying this command for getting the config file added to Pulse:
Execute-Process -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand.exe /importFile "C:\_install\PulseSecure\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig""

KR Jens

At first glance it looks like you have an issue with the placement of your double quotes, and a typo in the path to your Config file (an '_' rather than a '\'), the syntax you have for Execute-Process is not quite correct.

You have this:

Execute-Process -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand.exe /importFile "C:_install\PulseSecure\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig""

I’d suggest you try this:

Execute-Process -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand.exe" -Parameters "/importFile `"C:\install\PulseSecure\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig`""
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Thx for the quick response!
I tried your code, it has no error but still no config file attached …

What are you using to install this application (Intune, SCCM , other?)?
After the install completes, does the file exist in that location (C:\install\PulseSecure\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig)?
Where in your Deploy-Application.ps1 is your command?
What version of the PSADT are you using?
What does the log say?

Iam deploying the applications via InTune

The Files are there yes, in the logs it says “completed successfull”.

OK, As you are deploying via intune, can you deliver the config file to the device via the Intunewin file?

Personally, I would probably place it in the files sub-folder within the PSADT package then reference it using the $($dirfiles)\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig path, so you command would become:

Execute-Process -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand.exe" -Parameters "/importFile `"$($dirfiles)\AlwaysOnVP.pulsepreconfig`""

The reason I’m suggesting this, is it might be possible, that the existing file (in C:\install\PulseSecure\) may not be readable by the user that is executing the command (incorrect permissions).
Another question is are you deploying this in the User context or the SYSTEM context?

and kind of related…
Does the Config file have to be installed in the System Context or as the User? (i.e. is the AlwaysOnVPN machine / device specific (SYSTEM) or is it User specific (User context)).
It is possible that if the app needs to be installed as SYSTEM, but the config is specific to the user, you may need to get slightly cleverer with applying the config file, maybe by using Execute-ProcessAsUser function, This should provide some guidance:

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