Adding Additional Parameters

Hi There,

I’m fairly new to using this app and I was wondering how do I execute an MSI using additional out of the box parameters provided by the vendor? So far, I’ve tried the below with no luck.

Execute-MSI -Action ‘Install’ -Path: followed by the path and then -AddParameters "adding all of the parameters the vendor provided.

No luck at all. Can anyone help with this?

If you provide the error message and/or the line you used (with some omissions :wink:) we might be able to help you.

There is no error. When I double click on Deploy-Application nothing happens. I can look into the logs if that’s what you’re asking

I hope the $InstallParams line is actually before the Execute-MSI line.

Also, for the parameters, I’d try to use numbers instead of the the character of the numbers like this:


Yep, it is. Still no dice when I double click on ‘Deploy-Application.exe’. Nothing happens when I click it. Anything else I can look at?

I’m assuming the additional parameters you are sending are actually making it to the MSI.

What do the PSADT log files and the MSI log file say?
-Is PSADT dropping the additional parameters before sending them to the MSI?
-Is the MSI throwing the additional parameters away before attempting installation or just failing gracefully without error?

Great Question. Nothing happens. It’s not even generating a log file. I double click ‘Deploy-Application.exe’ and nothing runs. So, no logs are being generated from what I can tell. Seems like it’s failing gracefully without errors.