Specify alternate location for the log files

Hi all,

First off, thank you for this amazing toolkit, it saved me a couple of times and as I go around creating new Applications I see I’ll be using it as my favorite deployment method.

As for my question, I’m wondering how to Change the default log file location?

From the Admin Guide (Toolkit Components --> Logging):
The default log directory for the toolkit and MSI log files can be specified in the XML configuration file. The default directory is <C:\Windows\Logs\Software>

Again, from the Admin Guide (Toolkit Usage --> Customizing the Toolkit):
The following components can be configured as required:
AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml - Configure the default UI messages, MSI parameters, log file location

So, we should be able to change this, but how?
What I have tried:

  • Google Search
  • Forum Search
  • Placing this line into the config XML file: <LogFolder>C:\ProgramData\AppInstall-LOGS</LogFolder>
  • Placing this line into the config XML file: <LogFolder>“C:\ProgramData\AppInstall-LOGS”</LogFolder>
  • Placing this line into the config XML file: <LogFolder=“C:\ProgramData\AppInstall-LOGS”/>

None of this helped.
If anyone could share some info on how to achieve this, I believe it would be helpful to the whole community.


Hi all,

I had no time to look further into this, anyone else has this info?


Hi all,

I’m currently using a workarround for this, but it would be nice to know if this could be done the way it was intended.

The workarround is to edit the AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml located in ‘Toolkit\AppDeployToolkit’.
In the main XML config file, this is what I have changed:
<!-- Log path used for Toolkit logging. -->


Your workaround is the intended method to edit the log path AFAIK.
I do as below. The same for MSI log path:


And of course make sure the path exists and is writable in your script’s context.


If compression is set you will get combined logs in zipped format to <Toolkit_LogPath>$envWinDir\Logs\Software</Toolkit_LogPath>
Make compression False and set <MSI_LogPath>$envSystemDrive&lt;…></MSI_LogPath>. This will resolve the issue.