Custom variable for log location resolving for PSADT logs but not MSI logs

I added this custom variable to AppDeployToolkitExtensions.ps1:
[string]$dirWSSource = ‘c:\sccmsupport’

Then I changed the log locations in AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml:

It’s working perfectly for the PSADT logs. I know this, because there is a log where I expect it to be. But it’s passing through incorrectly to the MSI Log:

<![LOG[[Installation] :: Executing [C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe /i "L:\Windows10Deploy\AppSource-Executing [C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe /i “L:\Windows10Deploy\AppSource-PSDeploy\AdobeFlashPlayer\Files\install_flash_player_27_active_x.msi” TRANSFORMS=“L:\Windows10Deploy\AppSource-PSDeploy\AdobeFlashPlayer\Files\install_flash_player_27_active_x.mst” TRANSFORMSSECURE=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /QB-! /L*v “\PSADTLog\install_flash_player_27_active_x_Install.log”]

Note the bad log path: "\PSADTLog\

Any suggestions for getting this to pass through correctly?


Did you configure the XML correctly?

Are you using $dirWSSource for anything else? Why not just put c:\sccmsupport in the XML file?


on this subject, which variables shall i use to name the logs folder with the vendor, Application and version name?


Any help would be greately appreciated.


<Toolkit_LogPath>$envSystemDrive\Windows\AppsLogs\${appVendor} ${appName} ${appVersion} ${appArch}</Toolkit_LogPath>

CHW1979, whoever you are. Thank you so much! It works like a charm!