Logging across two domains

I am trying to figure out the best way to handle logging for the toolkit across 2 different domains with different logging paths. Both domains want to use the same toolkit but need to keep logging in particular paths for some background automation.
Domain 1 wants logs in c:\psadtlogs
Domain 2 wants logs in c:\toolkit

No wiggle room to change directories.

So far thought about using both domains custom XML and copying over based on domain but that presents challenges due to the EXE looking for a specific file name.

I can create a new temp log location and Copy the logs To the correct folder once created based on domain name.

Just trying to see if there is an easier way that maybe I am not seeing.

Any suggestions?

Hey All…I was able to figure it out. I think I was overthinking it. I simply created an if/then statement for the following variables in the AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 “$configToolkitLogDir and $configMSILogDir” hoepfully it helps someone else.

Just a headsup - the next version of the toolkit will have two paths for logs and two for msi logs. An extra path is being added for when it is run without admin permissions. However in the main script, there will only be one variable for each, just like currently. Overriding will therefore work as expected.

Good to know!! Thanks!