Skip installation section?

Hi guys,

i’m new to the PSADT - i did software packaging with Matrix42 Empirum for a few years and you could work with jump marks in their scripts.

Is there any way i can do that in PSADT as well? Like e.g. in the pre installation i check if a regkey or file exists → if yes the script should just go on with the post installation and skip core installation or if no the script will continue with the core installation.

I know i could just exit the script but i have some post installation stuff to do and dont want to copy it to the pre installation as well… ^^

Many thanks!

I would move your “check if a regkey or file exists” to the installation section.

If -Not ( "check if a regkey or file exists") {
    #Do installation stuff

} Else {
    #skip install section

alright, i will try that out

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