Show-InstallationWelcome timer not working

I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing this and may have a workaround in place. When I use the Show-InstallationWelcome to force close applications and provide a timer. I see the timer prompt, but it freezes after counting down one second.

I haven’t see that. I wonder if it’s because of rights? Maybe you don’t have rights to install like you should?

I’d suggest you post the log file of the installation. If using default setting, you’ll find it in C:\Windows\Logs\Software.

It would also be useful to get some info on how the installation is being executed.

I do apologize for how long it has taken me to respond. I went back through and re-worked the template from scratch and discovered the countdown timer is working. Through trial and error looking at the default Deploy-Application.ps1 template and the one I created, I discovered that I had mis-bracketed a couple of statements. The script as a whole worked fine except the timer. Once I matched up the bracketing with the default template, I was able to get timer to start working again.

I did have another question. Is there another function like the Show-InstallationWelcome that does show a countdown timer for a general notification. I wanted to create a script that will switch workstations OU, but notifies our field techs what is going to happen, but will automatically close and proceed if they are implementing on several workstations at a time.

We’ve had a lot of requests for something like this(General purpose notification) and will look to implement it in the next major version.