Exit with 1618 after Show-InstallationWelcome countdown expiration?

Hello !

I have a req. from my deployment team for a package that requires closing processes before proceeding :

  • At night : Show the pop-up for 15 min, then force close apps… No difficulty for this, a simple -ForceCloseAppsCountdown will do the job

  • During work day : show the pop-up for 15min, then… defer !
    Any ideas about this part ? if i set -ForceCountdown, after timer expiration it stays on the SIW pop-up because there are still blocking processes detected. I could achieve this by coding a new switch parameter for Show-InstallationWelcome function, but may be there is a way that doesn’t requires to modify AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 ?



there is no auto defer countdown so you will have to modify the function.