Show-InstallationWelcome -ForceCountdown 60 -CloseApps 'winword'


 Is it possible to use -ForceCountdown 60 and -CloseApps 'winword'? Currently it works fine without -ForceCountdown; The welcome screen displays with a list of processes that need to be closed and reamins there until they are closed, then the command stated executes. What i would like is for the processes to be closed after a given amount of time. When i have used -ForceCountdown 60, the time runs out then nothing happens.

Thanks Si.

Hello Si

try below command, it should work. -CloseAppsCountdown parameter will prompt the user to close the app with the timeline. Once the the timeline ends, process will be closed automatically.

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps "winword" -CloseAppsCountdown 60