Installation wont continue after show-installation prompt

Hello all,

my installation wont contione after installation prompt

  Show-InstallationWelcome -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 3 
     #show-installationprompt -Message "Please save all your work, Uninstallation  willcontinue in 5 minutes"

      	Show-InstallationProgress Uninstallation will take at least 5 mins and your will be prompted to Reboot after the uninstallation.  If you encounter issues or have questions, please call the Help Desk at extension 5282. " -TopMost $True

when i run it after the prompt “Installation not actioned within a reasonable amount of time.”
and exits

any suggestions?


i think you forgot some parameters after show-installationprompt. for example:
-ButtonMiddleText 'OK' -Timeout 60 -ExitOnTimeout $false -MessageAlignment Left

also, looks like you’re syntax for show-installationprogress is off. You’re missing “-statusmessage” .Should be something like:
show-installationprogress -statusmessage "uninstall will take at least......" -topmost $true