Users use "Continue" button, instead of "Close Programs"

Hello all
It’s a blessing using this Tool, so I send heaps of good feelings to you :slight_smile:

I have an issue, where users are using the Continue button instead of the Close Programs button, and it gives some failed installations. The perfect scenario for me would be, that if there is programs I need to close, there would be only a Defer and a Close Programs button. If there is no running programs to close, there would be a Defer and a Continue button.
I have been looking in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1, and I have tried to use the CloseApps function on the Continue button. And it Works, as long as there is specific running apps to close. If no Apps is running, it breaks and throws an script error.
And I know, I should not edit that file :slight_smile:
Hope others have had the same issue and would like to share a solution
Best regards


You create a copy of this function trimmed with only what you need and put in PSADT extensions so that you don’t modify the maintoolkit and you could keep it after upgrade of PSADT