Remove or hide the Defer button on the welcome screen

Hi All

Thanks for AppDeploy Tool Kit. Is there a way to remove or hide the “Defer” button on the initial welcome screen?


Yes, just don’t include the parameter -AllowDefer


Hi Luki

Thanks for your help.
That helps.
I would like to keep the defer button now but after one day it does not seem to be re popping up with the appdeploy installation block even though i have set the DeferDays to 1 day if the user clicks defer. Is there a way to set it so that the installation block will pop up a day later if the user clicks the defer button?

Thanks again.

I don’t user the defer feature but I’m guessing adding -DeferTimes 2 might help.

You do know there is a PDF for PSADT and a AppDeployToolkitHelp.ps1 script too, right?

Good Morning

Awesome, let me try that out.


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