Defer - Prompt user minimize window

Hi, I use AppDeploy to prompt user and allow to defer some action, but I want to modify a parameter and don’t know where :
When user is prompt for defer an installation if he minimize the windows to defer this windows come up centered one minute after.
Where can we modify this time for automatically show the deferal message that was minimized by the user ?

Grateful for answers,

Check in “AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml”.

Specifically check in

I think this should help you.
As per my understanding, community members pls correct me if I am wrong here.
Also, if you are using sccm for deployment and application is set as required, it should depend on when policy on the client gets refreshed, then it should again prompt user for closing or deferring installation.
If it is set as available. then it will give retry button to users from software center.

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Thanks a lot, that what i’m looking for !

Glad to help :slight_smile: