Customize Installation Welcome

Hello guys,

it’s possibile to modify the installationwelcome message? i would be create a windows for the update to Windows11. i’ve found a png for example.

Where button “Upgrade now” is “continue”, “Install tonight” is the the button for the defer the installation and “ask me tomorrow” is the button “defer”.

Thank you in advance

I would modify the ‘show-installationprompt’ instead. You could certainly do what you’re asking through there. Here’s what mine looks like:


@FoldZan1 Wow!!

Yes, have you modified the config file?

@FoldZan1 That looks awesome. It would be great if you could share the code.

Hi Matthias,

i’ve modified the “appdeploytoolkitconfig.xml” with the custom message. i’ve added this line:

For the defer or the countdown i haven’t found a solution. If I can implement it I will let you know

Please share the code.

FYI: FoldZan1 has posted his Show-DeferPrompt in the extensions section:

Show-DeferPrompt [Updated] - The Toolkit / Extensions - PSAppDeployToolkit Community

yes I saw it, but I could not implement it in my script, probably because I start it from intune

Then you might want to look at this post to make GUIs work in Intune.