PSADT Extension: Zero-Config Executable Installation

Introducing Zero-Config Executable Installation, an extension for the PowerShell Application Deployment Toolkit.

This extension is designed to make installing applications with .exe installers just as easy as installing MSI files, by providing a near zero-touch framework for you to drop the installers into. Building on the convenience already offered by the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit, you can use this extension to create software deployments that are consistent for the end user and are painless for you, the admin, no matter what installer technology the application uses.

It’s taken about a year of development time to get it to this point (most of that over the weekend in coffee shops!) however I feel it is now stable enough to be more widely used. I look forward to seeing the uptake (if there is any) and continuing to fix and improve it over the coming years!

Read more about it here: