ÆØÅ - showed correctly in 3.8.3

Hi am from denmark where we use æøå
It doesnt view them correctly?

running [App Deploy Toolkit Main] script version is [3.8.3]
checked the encoding on the Deploy-Application.ps1 is UTF-8
how do i solve this charactor issue

I have v3.8.4 and tried to replicate your issue with this command:

Show-InstallationPrompt -Message "ÆØÅ æøå" -ButtonRightText 'OK' -Icon Information


But my Deploy-Application.PS1 was encoded in ANSI so I converted it to UTF8 with notepad++ and the Danish characters in the editor changed. I fixed the text by copying the Danish characters from your post again and it looked identical to the JPG above when I ran it again.

Please post sample code that demonstrates your issue. (please use the <\> tool)
I you can, also attach a JPG of what you see when you run Deploy-Application.PS1

i fixex my issue by converting the Deploy-Application.PS1 UTF-8 With BOM - did it with notepad++