New to Scripting

Hey All quick question, I am trying to convert the following line into PS app Deploy to script pulse secure vpn.
Batch syntax:msiexec /i “PulseSecure.x64_9.1R8_FULL.msi” CONFIGFILE=“CompSet.pulsepreconfig” /passive /norestart

PS App Deploy Syntax: Execute-MSI -Action ‘Install’ -Path ‘PulseSecure.x64_9.1R8_FULL.msi’ -Parameters ‘/qn /norestart’

Does anyone know how to incorporate the configfile within the batch syntax into PS APP Deploy. I got the other parameters correct but I am having issues referencing the configfile during installation of the app. I’ve tried looking at various cheatsheets for information and I’m having no luck. I 'm new to scripting so any help in the matter will be very much appreciated.

That is also a parameter so into the parameters. Do not forget to escape the quotes if you need to be in the path.

Execute-MSI -Action 'Install' -Path 'PulseSecure.x64_9.1R8_FULL.msi' -Parameters '/qn /norestart CONFIGFILE=`"CompSet.pulsepreconfig`"'