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I am trying to install DCU_Setup_4_9_0.exe from psadt but it kept on giving me prompt for the installation i want to deploy it silently.

This package is Dell Command | Update

I used this command:
Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\DCU_Setup_4_9_0.exe” -Parameters ‘/VerySilent /suppressmsgboxes /NoUpdate /Norestart’

Yout help would be appriciated.


Your search skills need some sharpening:
dell DCU_Setup_ silent switch at DuckDuckGo

I had issues getting the newer Dell Command Update UWP version (4.8.0+) to install properly. It would only leave the command line version in place if installed as part of a task sequence.

If you run into the same issue, or anyone else that may see this try the following:

You extract the contents and install the MSI, then register the AppXBundle with dism. Here is a sample from my Deploy-Application.ps1:

		$installLogName = "$configToolkitLogDir\$installName" + "_INSTALL.log"
		$installFileName = (gci "$dirFiles\DellCommandUpdateApp*.msi").Name
		Write-Log -Message "Install file name: $installFileName" -LogType 'CMTrace'
		Execute-MSI -Action Install -Path "$dirFiles\$installFileName" -AddParameters "IGNOREAPPXINSTALL=TRUE" -LogName "$installLogName"
		Execute-Process -Path "dism.exe" -Parameters "/Online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:$dirFiles\DellCommandUpdate.appxbundle /LicensePath:$dirFiles\DellCommandUpdate_License1.xml /Region:`"All`"" -WindowStyle Hidden
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