Silent software Install via PSADT


I’m trying to install desktop connector silently via PSADT but for some reason end up with Fatal error or different code via SCCM, if i install manually by running the setup.exe it work fine.
It’s silent install, below is the code i use to kill the process first and then install, is there better way to do this.

Taskkill /IM desktopconnector.applications.tray.exe /f 
Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage 'Installing Desktop Connector' 
Execute-Process -Path 'Setup.exe' -Parameters '-i install -q' -wait -passthru

some logs: on another machine the error code was 7 and on this 1603

sometimes just stays on installing and nothing happen for hours.

This is an msi error. Are you sure you have your parameters correct?

According to Autodesk:
“DesktopConnector-x64.exe /install /quiet - would install this silently”

This should probably be a question for the Autodesk forums, not PSADT.

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They have changed the installer for the latest version, so i was wondering if my script is Okay. since if we run from the Autodesk installer seems to be not issues and the reason i want to put it with PowerShell script to kill the running task and then install.

PSADT has a way to kill a process before you launch Setup.exe:

	Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'process to kill' 

To figure out process to kill , run Get-Process and look in the ProcessName column.

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