Is there something wrong here?

Hi Anyone,
Here can help on this?
Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\Setup.exe” -Parameters "/S GTechnology /ni ACCEPT_EULA=1 ADDLOCAL=’“Desktop,MobileViewer’”

I think you are missing a final " at the end there is an odd number of quotes.

end like ADDLOCAL=’“Desktop,MobileViewer’”"


You also don’t need to use $dirfiles. It’s the default location the script looks in

I also allways end up struggling when having installers with multiple quotes. I mean it should be basic powershelling nut it allways seems to give me issues :S

Like this one: Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\SCAPS\sc_sam_setup_v_4_0_5_0029_20210611.exe” -Parameters “INSTALLFolder=“C:\Program Files\scaps\sam2d” /S”

Solved by using single quotes instead … ‘INSTALLFolder=“C:\Program Files\scaps\sam2d” /S’

I allways use the Backtick escape character “`” character. Works great.

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