Install failing with 1073807364

Has anyone seen the 1073807364 exit code when deploying packages that are wrapped in PSAppDeployToolkit and Config Manager? We see this exit code all the time with many of our packages. It is being returned by PSAppDeployToolkit and NOT by the package executable which is being called. I know this by looking at the PS log and seeing that it crashed BEFORE calling any package executable. It typically occurs while waiting for programs to close or during a countdown, or at other random point with no specific pattern. Anyone knows what this error means and how to get rid of it?

This sounds like an MSI Exit code, rather than a PSADT one as the PSADT Exit codes (listed here: Exit Codes · PSAppDeployToolkit) do not have Exit codes that high.

Have you looked at the PSADT Log - as it might give you some clues?
The PSADT Docs have some info about PSADT logging here: Customizing Deployments · PSAppDeployToolkit
You can write your own info to the Log file using the Write-Log function (see: Write-Log · PSAppDeployToolkit)

If the installer is waiting for user input and it never occurs, the MSI install could time out.

It might be useful to share your Deploy-Application.ps1 (or at least the Install section of the script).
N.B. Remember to use the preformatted text button (</>) in the toolbar and post any code between the two sets of ``` characters

This ist not an MSI return Code.
I have the same problem, some times after a registry key was written. Script does not continue and throw the error code, or after or during an installation, script does not continue and throws this error.