How to allow the Closeapps prompt in ShowInstallationWelcome to prompt user even when using silent deploymode

This seems like a pretty simple scenario, but I’ve scoured the web and haven’t found any working solution.
Running the toolkit via configmgr with system context
Hide all windows, EXCEPT the closeapps prompt IF the app we are checking for is running AND a user is logged in.

There has to be a way to do this - I’ve attempted to switch the deploymode to interactive before Showinstallationwelcome and then switching it back to whatever it was after Showinstallationwelcome, but when run (again, via configmgr with system context) it still force closes the running app(s).

We’re trying to utilize psadt more, but this issue is a major roadblock for us at the moment. Thanks!

Run Show-InstallationWelcome only when apps need to be closed - The Toolkit / General Discussion - PSAppDeployToolkit Community

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