Getting Show-InstallationWelcome to say "uninstall" during the uninstall phase


I have been doing a bunch of deployments with PSADT and have noticed something that I cannot find a solution for. When using the Show-InstallationWelcome function during an uninstallation, it does not say “uninstallation” in the pop-up window. No matter what mode I use, I am getting something like:

“The following application is about to be installed
"The following programs must be closed before the installation can proceed.

I cannot find any parameters that would flip this, evidence that Show-InstallationWelcome is state aware, or find an easy way to make my own function that can do this. I tried just to copy Show-InstallationWelcome into a new Extension, but the function hooks into and calls a lot of other stuff with no clear "install’ text to change).

Now am I missing something, or is this the only way Show-InstallationWelcome operates? Is this function state (install/uninstall/repair) aware? Is there a function that can operate as a Show-UninstallationWelcome? Can I make or has someone made an Extension that would do this easily? Is this a feature request?

Thanks for your time.

Old ask, but perhaps using the switch -CustomText and making Uninstall text in the XML would work for this? Show-InstallationWelcome | PSAppDeployToolkit

Guessing… never tried.

Insert this prior to the Show-InstallationWelcome screen in the Uninstallation section in Deploy-Application.ps1:

[string]$configClosePromptMessage = "The following programs must be closed before uninstallation can proceed:

		  Please save your work, close the programs, and click 'Continue'.
		  Alternatively, save your work and click 'Close Programs'."