[AUTORITE NT\System] under logged in user session

We are starting to use your great toolkit to deploy software.
Since all packages must be “offline compatible” we are encapsulating everything in auto extractible exe (SFX), running “powershell.exe -executionPolicy unrestricted -WindowStyle Hidden -noprofile -file .\Deploy-Application.ps1” after the extraction.
So when the tech guy is running the package it show the install progress as intended.
When we deploy it with IVANTI it run under SYSTEM account and don’t show the install progress which is fine.
But when we use this same packages under OS deployment, we can see in the log that the process is runned under SYSTEM in the administrator session, and this leading to prompt an OK button at the end of the install.
" Current process is running with user account [AUTORITE NT\Système] under logged in user session for [INSTPCL\Admin"
I think i could add an arg -DeployMode NonInteractive but this will lead to the Creation of 2 different packages, one for the tech guy and one for the deployment/OSD.

Is there a way to run it in nonInteractive mode whenever the process is running under System ?

By default you want to use the Deploy-Application.exe to start the toolkit. It is a silent powershell launcher, where you could start it with -DeployMode NonInteractive or you can change deploymode in Deploy-Application.ps1. The script runs silently if there is no user interaction. In SCCM you can modify whether the user is able to interact with the application but I have no idea if this is an option in IVANTI. Regardless, you could check if the username is SYSTEM and if it is, change the deploymode to noninteractive.

Hi Guys, i’m working with @alexT, is this the correct way to tell deploy-application to run in NonInteractive mode if the username is System?

if ($IsLocalSystemAccount){
[string]$DeployMode = ‘NonInteractive’

Regards, Will

if ($IsLocalSystemAccount){
    $deployModeNonInteractive = $true
    $deployModeSilent = $true
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Thx a lot, works perfectly