DeployApplication bombing out

I’ve created a lengthy script to remove an Autodesk suite, (and all addins - object enablers etc that the .bat file doesn’t do.)
I created the powershell script with numerous Execute-MSI calls mirroring the original script. I created a Virtual Box vm and installed Autodesk IDSU 2014 installed ready for removal (snaptshot to revert back). The script removes it and file tidies nicely.
I’ve transferred this VM to a different machine, opened the script in Powershell ISE with admin rights, the script runs fine, creating log files… then 30 minutes later, 2 thirds though Powershell ISE disappears, the script terminates. It did it the same place on two runs. I added an Exit-Script prior to the “failed” line. Run it again after reverting the VM. It now bombs out Powershell_ise about 10 commands earlier in the script!

Any idea what could cause Powershell_ise to bomb out running a App deploy script? I couldn’t see anything in the event log.

Think I’ll run this blind next without the ISE but would appreciate your thoughts and experiences as I value the ISE for debugging.