Defer at PSADT timeout


I use PSADT together with SCCM.
I have the application configured so that PSADT times out before the application in SCCM.
The question I have is this. Can I configure PSADT so that a timeout does not count as a defer?
The application runs only when a user is logged on, but often employees leave their computers on and locked even when the are not present. I don´t want the deferals to count down at these moments, and I don´t want the installation to run when the user is not present for other reasons.

Thanks for your help.

Hi there, I wasn’t answering because I do not use the Defer functionality.

From what I know you cannot do what you want unless you interfere with the defer counter. doing so would probably be a mess…

I think you could probably get away with not using the Defer functionality

  1. tell SCCM that you want the SCCM App to install only when the user is present.

  2. Make PSADT detect if the user is present or not. Either detect if the screensaver is running or use one of PSADT’s Show- functions (See the PDF) to ask the user “Are you there?” in a GUI window that times out after 2 minutes. If it times out, exit the install with:
    Exit-Script -Exitcode 1223 #The operation was canceled by the user.

FYI: Windows error 1223 means canceled by the user.

Thanks for your reply.
Its an interesting approach that I might try. However. Searching the main .PS1-script had me found that changing the value in the picture to a value higher than my allowed defers probably will get the job done. Still testing though.
I don’t like changing the mail -ps1-script file, but since there are no built in functions for this, I might give it a try.
I anyone thinks that this might lead to other unexpected behaviour from PSADT, please let me know. I don´t think that there will be a issues with users trying to “hide” the window, and never click, since it recenter it self.

I would not know because… I do not use the Defer functionality in PSADT.