Default timeframe and changing the Defer timelimit

I have found multiple posts regarding the default time and changing the default deferral time limit. One article from 2022 states it is 24 hours then another from 2019 states it is controlled by the SCCM client settings which is 7 days.

Can someone converge information regarding deferrals in to one posting of fact?

  1. What is the default deferral time limit?
    1.a - Where does the default time limit actually stem from PSADT or SCCM client?
  2. If part of PSADT can and how can the time limit be changed?
    2.a - If the deferral comes from SCCM client which setting does PSADT “listen to”?

The reason I am asking is immaterial but I will share anyway. As with many companies I have a large work from home client base and we are getting ready to do a VPN client update. I want to give the clients the ability to defer the update but not for days. I want to give them effectively 6-8 hours total to allow them to start the update later in the day if they so chose.

Hopefully, someone can push me in the right direction.

Thanks for any insights and advice

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