Defer allows user interaction, but close application with countdown does not.


Just noticed a strange(?) issue with the appdeploy, we are deploying Flash and had the option to defer the installation, however the customer did not want that, and that the popup should only ask the user to close iexplorer.

The problem were that the check box for Allow user interaction is not checked, and with the defer-option the user were still able to defer the installation and/or close internet explorer before the countdown expired.

When we removed the defer option, iexplore force close instead of allowing the user to close it with in the timer count. Selecting the “allow user interaction” in CM however does show the window to inform them to close iexplore within 2 minutes (default time).

My question is:

Why does the window appear when they got the option to defer the installation without selecting the user to interact, but when the defer is gone and only the countdown to close iexplore it just force close the application without timer if the “allow user to interact” is not selected?