Blocked execution after installation was done fine - 3DxWare

i had already done some application deployments with PSADT and SCCM but never had this problem.

What I am doing at all?

We have devices with Windows 10 1809 LTSC and 3DxWare is the last version working on Windows 10 2004 and below. So my goal is to install on all 1809 devices this version.

I found a powershell script (for PSADT) to uninstall all 3DxWare versions and now i am doing an uninstall via this script and then install the latest version of 3DxWare, this works fine.
I configured some processes to block before installation which also works fine but at the end the crappy 3DxWare installer tries to executes one of the blocked applications just before installation went to done in SCCM. So user get the notification that an application was blocked and it waits for a prompt.

I want to get this application blocked (because application will be started in SYSTEM context) but either message should not be shown or it should disappear after 30 seconds. Is anything like this possible?

So this block is not valid any more (reg keys were removed) and user can start the applications right after installation just the window with blocking information disturbs.

Thanks Sascha

using PSADT 3.9.3

Usually there is a way to tell the installer to not launch the application after installation.

Sometimes it’s a switch. The developer might have it mentioned on their website site. If not, it might be undocumented and you’ll need to probe the exe with notepad++ to look for the switch handling section. Usually all switches are processed in the same place in the exe and the switches are in plaintext. The trick is to remove \0 characters before you look.

Sometimes the first launch is recorded in the HKCU of the user. The HKCU for the SYSTEM account is Default user hive. If you can find out what is done in HKCU, you might be able to fool the installer to think the application has already been launched once.

Btw: I’m not sure what you are explaining in your last paragraph