Any Estimated date for 3.8.5 or 4/0?

I couldn’t find any good dates for next releases on the forum


Hey there,

In the past, we’ve avoided release ETAs because it can add unnecessary pressure and stress for us if we promise something and don’t deliver on time. That being said, sometimes a deadline is exactly what you need as motivation for get something completed. With that in mind …

  • 3.8.5 should be released within 2 - 3 weeks, pending no major issues found in testing.

  • 4.0 is an entirely new codebase, with a wealth of new features and capabilities. We’re staying pretty tightlipped on this for the moment, but we’re committing to a first beta release in Q1 of next year. That means you should see PSAppDeployToolkit 4.0b1 before the end of March 2022.




Will v4 backward compatible using all current function, Windows Poowershell and Powershell Core?


  • Existing Functions - No. We’re likely going to break all existing functions by implementing a prefix (Get-ADTRegistryValue), fixing nonstandard verb usage as well as changes to function names where they make sense. This was always going to be the case, we’ve been saving up a slew of breaking changes that we’ve wanted to do for years. These will be fully documented of course, and ideally we’ll provide a migration tool as well.
  • Windows PowerShell 5.1 will be fully supported.
  • PowerShell Core will be supported if we can, what versions TBD.

I know 3.8.5 has slipped. We’ve revised the scope of what changes and fixes are being included - there were a number of unacceptable stability issues that we feel need to be addressed, and tested thoroughly, as well as documentation updates. Add to that, we all have various things going on in our work and personal lives. But we’re hopeful to get the new release out soon.


Hi, any news about 4.0 ?

Is the project dead?

No, it’s not. We’ve all had a lot going on, but please trust me when I say, we’re putting in as much free time as we have, to get the next release ready.



any news on 3.8.5? or when it coming out