ANy dates on 3.8.5 and 4.0

I looked under the release info and no updates on either . so Im asking here



What is version 4.0?


No answer from the devs. any estimated dates for 3.85 and 4.0 the timeline is no longer valid

4.0 was planned from 2017, so don’t get any hopes.
Given the current status of the project, 3.8.5 will not be released any time soon. You best option is to download the latest files from github, that way you will have version 3.8.5. I don’t think there will be updates any time soon.

if you dont mind me asking what happened a few months back it was getting huge updates then it went silent?

also any chance to get the execute-processasuser to allow the same options as execute-process things like -windowstyle?

I found this section.

It talks about 3.8.5 and about 4.0

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