It's been a while since latest prod version of the toolkit

Hi guys,

I see that 3.6.5 is still in beta, although many fixes have been applied. I was just wondering when you plan to release final version.


Good question. Probably in the next two weeks or so.

Thanks for the info Muhammad. It would be nice if you could post the latest version info in the toolkit main page just to see what is the latest version like you did in Codeplex. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

How do you feel about using the “Releases” tab of the GitHub project?:

It shows the latest production release and then also shows how many commits have taken place since that release so you know to go check the beta changelog if you want for new fixes that have been implemented.

Other then that, I think we can probably get a sticky post going where we link to the latest version so people coming to the forum are more aware.

I use the “Releases” tab of the GitHub project anyway to get informed. A sticky post would be nice just for people to know the latest version.