Add Link/Button to Application Reference Documentation

Can functionality be added to the Show-InstallationWelcome function to include a link or button to open up reference documentation related to the application that is being deployed? A user can click on the link or button to open which launches the documentation.

You could use the Show-InstallationPrompt for that. Something like this:

$ReadDocs = Show-InstallationPrompt -Message ‘Would you like to see some documentation before proceeding with the installation?’ -ButtonRightText ‘Yes’ -ButtonLeftText ‘No’
If ($ReadDocs -eq ‘Yes’) {
Execute-ProcessAsUser -Path ‘notepad.exe’ -Parameters “%PathToDucumentation%%Doucument%.txt” -Wait
Else {
Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\setup.exe” -Parameters ‘/S/v/qn’ -WindowStyle Hidden -CreateNoWindow