XML Format for Custom Text in Show-InstallationWelcome

There is mention of custom text for Show-InstallationWelcome.

The article says XML but doesn’t describe the format or how to use.

I’m setting up an app in Intune. I have the prompts working. I have deferrals working.

I wanted to notify users they will be disconnected from internet during install.

I do see a switch for -PromptToSave but I don’t think it will work as notes say it doesn’t work unders SYSTEM context.

Can anyone point me to the format for this custom text? It mentions languages and I’d like to include different ones also.

Thank you

I tried copying the existing XML file and use the switch but it fails.

-CustomText .\customText.xml

I tried to trim the xml to just the languages section.

More advice and details on the switch are needed.

Why not just edit the existing AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml file?

Edit the English text.

I know… I was just interested in this switch and how it was used.

I just replied to that for another user here.

I wouldn’t use it.

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Yeah I can’t use something that isn’t documented and I can’t make work from guessing.