Why have releases slowed down so much?


just like the title would suggest I wanted to ask why are releases so rare? Its been over a year since the last release. Bugfix updates should be way more common. Bugs like Get-RunningProcessesDynamically error should get fixed ASAP. New features can wait but bugfixes need to be released way more often. Otherwise what is even the point? Why use a half broken tool? Maybe add a dev branch with dev releases for people to test features and bugfixes? Can we get an update?

@luki1412 when you download the latest version from github, it contains the latest fixes.
I know most comments on issues found say this will be fixed in a next release, but these fixes are already available when you download the toolkit again from github.

Yes but not the changelog and this still doesn’t explain why. There is no reason not to release it more often then once a year. Its been over a year since the last release…

I agree that the github repo could use some more love.
It really feels like a lack of activity.
Folks are posting issues and PRs, but nothing seems to be happening.

Maybe i’m doing something wrong but when I download the AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 is from Feb 2018

How do I get something more recent I just downloaded from the main page… Any link would help


Download the zip file and extract only the Toolkit folder.
Currently you will get an error, mentioned in here
when trying to run the toolkit. Fix is in the pull requests. Can easily do it yourself.

I cant download the new ones our AV shows the zip as haveing a virus - powersploit in the beta build folder so I am out of luck

any ideas?

in file /Sources/BetaToolkit/Invoke-ProcessWithLogonToken.ps1

There are no viruses, its a powershell script. The zip file is straight from their github. False positives.

Someone would have to upload it for you but that wont help in the future since it gets updated regularly.

Thanks I knew it wasn’t a virus and I am getting it white-listed just wanted to mention what ever that beta feature is might be problematic for some AV

Its a script for impersonating users - running programs under a different user. Our company AV doesnt freak about it dunno why yours does.

UPDATE: A long time has passed since this post. I have joined the dev team in the meantime and several versions have been released since.