Availability of old release 3.4.1?

Hello Team and everyone whom it may concern,

first let me thank you for providing this excelent solution easing my daily life as software packager.

Is there any way to access older releases of PSAppDeployToolkit beside CodePlex archieve?
On the github release page I seem to be able to only get releases since 3.6.2.
In the still available CodePlex archive (seems to be only available until July 2021) I’m able to find version 3.2.0 but then 3.5.0 with a gap of releases between.

I’m currently supporting a customer who still has an adjusted implementation of 3.4.1 in use. I now would like to evaluate what exactly was adjusted to support update to the latest release 3.8.4.

Thank you very much in advance for any proposed approach.

Kind regards

@sintaxasn might know whether they are available somewhere or not. Maybe even reupload old versions to github.